We want your business, but we also want to make sure the reason you're doing business with us is because our product best suits your needs.

We have compiled a chart for you of some of our more popular competitors and the features they present.

  Pingcop SiteUptime Pingdom
Maximum free monitors Unlimited 1 1
Cheapest monthly cost $1.50/month $10/month $14.95/month
Cheapest monthly cost (with full access) $2.50/month $20/month $199/month
Only pay for what you need
Hassle-free payment system
Monitor dependencies
Most frequent monitoring Every 1 minute Every 2 minutes Every 1 minute
Web server monitoring (http:// and https://)
File server monitoring (ftp:// and ftps://) FTP only
E-mail server monitoring (pop3:// and smtp://) Coming soon
TCP port monitoring (tcp://) Coming soon
UDP port monitoring (tcp://) Coming soon
DNS monitoring (dns://) Coming soon
Ping monitoring (icmp://)
Blackout scheduling Coming soon
Sub-accounts Coming soon
Custom ports
Scan website content Extra paid feature
API Coming soon

(*) The comparison information reflects our own research based on information either provided to us either from the features lists on the respectively mentioned websites or from our first-hand experience. This information, therefore, may be outdated. We encourage you to research for yourself what the best product is for your needs.